Discover The Benefits of One Visit CEREC Crowns

Do you need a dental crown? CEREC crowns offered by your Downtown San Diego, CA, dentist, Dr. David Donnelly, offer same-day convenience.

The advantages CEREC crowns offer

Crowns offer an effective way to correct a variety of tooth issues. The restorations slide over the tops of your teeth, covering them on all four sides. Crowns repair damage, strengthen weak teeth, cover imperfections, or change the shape or length of teeth.

Before you receive a crown, your tooth must be prepared. This step ensures a proper, comfortable fit for your restoration. After the dentist prepares your tooth, he'll make an impression of your tooth. The impression serves as a mold for the creation of your new crown.

CEREC crowns provide a few benefits that make them a particularly good choice, including:

  • One-Visit Convenience: The crown process used to require two visits to the Downtown San Diego dental office. Your first visit involved reducing the size of the tooth and making an impression that was sent to a dental laboratory. You then waited two or three weeks for the lab technicians to create your crown. CEREC eliminates the need for the lab. Your dentist uses CEREC software and an in-office milling machine to create your crown from a block of ceramic or resin while you wait.
  • Elimination of Putty Impressions: Putty impressions can be uncomfortable and may trigger the gag reflex in some people. The CEREC system uses a digital camera to create putty-free impressions that are much more comfortable and don't cause gagging.
  • No Temporary Crowns: In the past, your dentist covered your prepared tooth with a temporary crown while you waited for the completion of your permanent restoration. Temporary crowns aren't as strong as permanent crowns and can be damaged or loosened if you eat hard or sticky foods. With the creation of same-day crowns, temporary crowns are no longer needed.
  • Durability: Both ceramic and resin are tough materials that are strong enough to withstand years of wear and tear. The materials look very much like your natural tooth enamel. In fact, no one will be aware that your tooth has been crowned when you receive a CEREC crown.

Could a CEREC crown help your smile? Call Dr. Donnelly, your dentist in Downtown San Diego, CA, at (619) 231-0822 to schedule an appointment.

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