Nervous Patients

Our Philosophy: We treat everyone as if they are a very nervous patient!
And ….you are not alone

For Really Anxious Patients

You think you are nervous….We have had new patients who won't even sit in the chair on their first visit- they've put off dental treatment out of fear until it gotten so bad that its become insurmountable and overwhelming. For these patients, we offer an MD Anesthesiologist, Dr, Miller, who comes to our office with all of his equipment to put you asleep under light or general anesthesia just as if you were in the hospital (but without the cost or hassle of the hospital). You take a restful nap, and when you wake up, all of your dental treatment is done.We’ve become very comfortable working with patients under general anesthesia and have developed special techniques to make this comfortable for you based on our years of working with the special needs and developmentally disabled children in the hospitals. Dr. Miller specializes in dental patients and adapts his care to your needs using lighter sedation with quick recovery times.

For the Not Quite That Nervous

We work with you to find the right combination of nitrous oxide (laughing gas), anti-anxiety drugs (such as Valium) and sleep-inducing drugs (such as Halcion) to make you comfortable.

For Everyone

We are a small personal office that treats everyone like family; we pay attention to your needs and always listen to your concerns and adapt our treatment accordingly. For example, we have several techniques to administer local anesthetics as well as different types of anesthetic solutions (such as short-acting or long-acting) including a new technique that buffers the local right before injection to make the injection stingless and act faster.

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