Why Pick Dentures?

Dentures return to you your smile, but their effect is beyond the aesthetic. We'll go through some other benefits below, but to really find out if they the answer to your problems then contact Dr. David Donnelly in San Diego, CA, to learn more.

Benefits and Care

Modern dentures not only give you back your smile, but can often improve the appearance of your former teeth, and can improve your appearance overall. Dentures help to reshape your face if you are missing teeth, giving you a profile that allows you to look your age, or a few years younger.

Dentures help you eat and speak comfortably. Although they take some time to completely be used to them, often just about a week, you're likely to find them to be a noticeable improvement.

Dentures are a durable treatment but require proper care to get the most out of them. Your jaw and gumline naturally change over time, for example, so you will need to have your dentist make adjustments to maintain a secure fit.

It is when they slip out of your mouth or during cleaning that they are more prone to breaking. Although strong enough to survive everyday use, an impact onto a hard surface can break them. So an often recommended tip is to place a folded towel beneath you as you work to clean your dentures. Something that you should do every day to minimize the presence of food particles.

Also, just like your natural teeth, they will from time to time benefit from a professional cleaning.

Dentures in Downtown San Diego, CA

Dentures are an excellent way to bring back your smile and return to you the ability to comfortably experience often overlooked everyday tasks. But they may not be for everyone. Perhaps you would like to consider dental implants as an alternative, or partial dentures, or a bridge if you're only missing a few teeth. So it's important to speak with your dentist about your expectations so they can help guide you to the best treatment.

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