Is Teeth Whitening Right For You?

Many things can get in the way of pearly white teeth, from drinking coffee or smoking to simply aging. Graying, yellowing, discoloration, and dullness add years to your teeth, but professional whitening can restore the youthful brightness of your smile.

Dr. David Donnelly in San Diego, CA, offers teeth whitening treatments that are timely, effective, and long-lasting so you can feel great about your smile.

Do I need professional teeth whitening?

If you have only mild discoloration of your teeth, you may find an over-the-counter kit with whitening strips or gels is effective in brightening your smile. These treatments can whiten your teeth by a few shades, and you may need to repeat use every six months to a year to maintain your results. It is faster and safer to get professional teeth whitening from your dentist because you will be supervised by a professional.

For more severe staining, you will likely need an in-office teeth whitening. At our San Diego, CA, office, we use a higher concentration of the whitening agent hydrogen peroxide and special lights which can remove layers and years of stains in as little as one visit. Rather than spending weeks or months whitening your teeth at home, you can have a bright smile in hours.

The results are not only more pronounced, but they are longer lasting than those achieved with a drugstore treatment because they can last up to five years.

How do I maintain my teeth whitening results?

While professional teeth whitening is highly effective, lifestyle, eating, drinking, and oral hygiene habits can cause your results to become less pronounced. If you are a coffee or wine drinker, rinse your mouth with water after consumption. Quitting smoking is not only important for your health but will prevent your teeth from yellowing and graying.

Make sure to brush at least twice daily, rinse and floss, and have regular examinations and cleanings at our office to keep your teeth clean and white.

Reveal your best smile with teeth whitening from Dr. Donnelly in San Diego, CA. Call us today at 619-231-0822 to schedule an appointment.

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