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The Advantages of Removable Braces

Dr. David Donnelly DDS can treat you with Invisalign in Downtown San Diego, CA, to restore your gorgeous smile.

What Are Invisalign Braces?

Invisalign in Downtown San Diego, CA, is not the same as braces. It's an alignment correction method that uses plastic aligners instead of brackets and braces. A client will change his or her aligners every two weeks instead of visiting the dentist for bracket tightening. The aligners are crafted from comfortable plastic material, and they have a clear, transparent appearance. 

Who Needs Invisalign?

This method of treatment can be advantageous to many people. These are some people who can benefit from plastic aligner treatment:

  • People With Gaps- Aligners might be the perfect remedy for individuals with hereditary gaps in between their teeth. They may also be a huge help to someone who loses a tooth.
  • Clients With Underbites- Aligners can work to fix underbites as well. Underbites are when the bottom teeth overlap the top teeth in the bite. Overbites are when the top teeth overlap the bottom. Aligners can do wonders in both of those situations. 
  • Individuals With Teeth Crowding- Some tooth crowding can resolve with a reliable aligner treatment plan. 
  • Crossbites- Aligners can also help with a crossbite situation, which is another form of malocclusion.

Who Is Not a Good Candidate for Aligners?

Aligner treatment is suitable for many people. However, we may not be able to help this way in all situations. This treatment method may not be the best one for you if you have severe alignment issues. It also may not be the right form of treatment if you currently have a tooth that needs a root canal or some other form of surgery. We will need to examine you before either of us can draw a conclusion about the best treatment option for you. 

What Are the Advantages of Invisalign?

Many clients have had great success at our facility because of the aligners they received. These are the most common benefits noted:

  • Easily Removable- You can easily remove your aligners for a few hours a day. This can be useful when you need to eat or take photos. You can also remove them when you need to clean your mouth thoroughly. In fact, they're an excellent choice for keeping your dental hygiene at its best. 
  • Clear Design- Our aligners are virtually invisible. Therefore, they can be a lifesaver for school children and people who work professional jobs. They're great for anyone who wants to maintain a level of discretion during treatment. 
  • Affordable- Aligners are not overly costly. Our finance team offers many options for payment as well.

Dr. Donnelly DDS can work with you to develop a treatment plan that involves Invisalign in Downtown San Diego, CA. 

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